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Purple Wristband

March 18, 2009

I’m about a week behind in posts, but I’ll do my best to recap. After my lovely turtle like pace at the Stanford Treeathlon, I decided to continue practicing my swimming. I headed over to Burgess pool on Monday evening. As the days get warmer I’ve been noticing that the pool has been getting more crowded and I’m often sharing lanes with strangers. I’ve gotten used to sharing and often enjoy the company. On Monday I was sitting at the edge of a lane waiting for a woman to return from and swim back from the opposite end of the lane. I was about to ask her if I could share the lane with her. As I waited I noticed that around the top of her sport basement water bottle was a rubber purple team in training wristband that said T.E.A.M. TRAIN ENDURE ACHIEVE MATTER. When she came back, I asked her if she was in TNT. She said that her name was Sherry, she had just joined the spring team for Avia Wildflower Triathlon. She asked me if I was in TNT and I said that I was doing the Lavaman a part of the Winter Tri team. Suddenly, there a simple friendly connection, we discussed our experience in with TNT and  learning how to swim and fund raise. She said that she was a cyclist and that part is easy for her, but the rest it was tough. She also mentioned that she was fifty years old and that this was a goal for her. She asked me what was I before joining the tri team, A runner? Swimmer? Cyclist? and I responded….”Well, actually I like to snowboard..I’m not really a runner, but I’ll join a race just to complete it.  And I’m not a cyclist,  just got a roadbike and learned to use clips…and for swimming, well, It just learned to swim deeper than 3ft since TN” . She seemed to enjoy my answer and encouragingly said, “good for you!” After a bit more chit chat she finished up her workout and started mine, we wished each other well and good luck! Nice to meet you Sherry.