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I’m not gonna lie….I’m slow.

March 13, 2009

Omigosh,  the results from my first tri came in. I always knew that I was slow in endurance events. But I didn’t know I was that slow. I came in 2nd to last my division.I guess all that chit chat with the lifeguards on the swim, and the policemen on the bike and volunteers on the run course did slow down my time a bit. But not much. I’m not gonna lie….I’m slow. It can only get better from here, right?

Donella’s Time:
Division: Open Female 34 and under | Place 83 ( out of 84)
Swim:  20:54.4 (Rank 86)     T1: 5:47.4
Bike: 45:59.6 (Rank 79)         T2: 3:39.6
Run: 35:40.1 (Rank 79)
Total: 1:52:01.1

Tony’s Time
Division: Open Male 34 and under | Place: 118 ( out of 181)
Swim: 12:43.2 (Rank 87)       T1: 4:12.3
Bike:   37:39.4 (Rank 111)       T2: 2:06.8
Run:   25:35.0 (Rank 118)
Total: 1:22:16.7