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Last Run at Foothill

March 27, 2009
Foothill College: Last 3 mile run before we leave for Hawaii.

Foothill College: Last 3 mile run before we leave for Hawaii.

On Wednesday night, Tony and I went for our last run at Foothill until race weekend.  He had actually went on a run earlier in the day, so this was his chill run.  If anything, he was nicely keeping me company as I trudged around the track. I was feeling under the weather and feeling a bit achy, but needed to get the legs moving.  At  the start of my 3rd mile my hamstring was oddly starting to hurt….since we’re tapering Tony recommended that I just take it easy and not injure anything before the race.  So  for the rest of the 3rd mile Tony and I walk/ jogged.  During our walk, we  saw a female runner  just wearing a sports bra and shorts, tho it wasn’t as cold as usually,  I was dressed quite opposite of her…thermals, tee, fleece sweater, warm up pants and beanie. I was starting to think that I was coming down the “chills” and hopefully not a fever…..that night, i pounded down a nice large bottle of  water with  vitamins,  airborne and  Tylenol cold and flu pills.


Fight thru the cold or flu

March 25, 2009

Last night, I went swimming yesterday, my college friend Julie nicely came along.  We met up at Burgess and did a few laps, I hope she had a good workout. Afterwards I headed hom feelig under the weather. Eveyone has been getting sick lately.  At work, at home, the lady at the boba shop. I feel like I’m fighting something. I was going to run tonight at Foothill, but it may be better to rest and not risk it.  Tony has been sick the past week, hacking cough, stuffy head, congestion galore.  Hopefully, he gets better soon and hopefully I don’t catch any cold or flu. Othersie I’ll be full blown sick on race day… that would suck.  Get well dude!