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Daylight (yay!) three mile time trials

March 18, 2009

This was the 1st time, there was still daylight during our weekday, track workout.

This was the 1st time, there was still daylight during our weekday, track workout.

On Tuesday we had out weekday track work out at Foothill. We had just adjusted our clocks on Sunday so it was the first time that there was daylight during a track practice. It was so nice to see the sun on a weekday workout. Fun for today, 3 mile time trials. I’m still like one mile or 1/2 mile behind everyone else. Oddly, my left foot get’s numb starting at the beginning of the third mile. This also happened at the Stanford Treeathlon, hopefully it will go away by race day.  (Tony: 3 miles in 23 minutes; Donella 3 miles in 34 minutes.)


Running Pyramids

February 27, 2009
Donella running her pyramids.

Donella running her pyramids.

Tuesday we had our coached evening run at Foothill college. We started out with a mile warm – up, the coaches then gave us a few tips on chi running. It was pretty entertaining, we had to run like we were holding tray underneath our hands. Afterwards we did some log pyramid drills

First we worked our way up….

400m slow  = 1 lap
400m fast  = 1 lap
800m slow  = 2 laps
800m   fast  = 2 laps
1600m slow  = 4 laps
1600m fast  = 4 laps

Then now back down….

1600m fast  = 4 laps
1600m slow = 4 laps
800m fast = 2 laps
800m  slow  = 2 laps
400m fast = 1 lap
400m slow = 1 lap

I’m not a fan of running, but overall was a good solid workout. Afterward, the coaches also shared some information regarding our upcoming open water swim. I’m nervous and excited to swim in the open, cold, murkey, dark water! Seriously, I can’t wait! I’ve gotten over my fear of swimming in pool at any depth…,  if I can get over that open water! This is will be my first time!

Reminder for myself,  I’ll list the things they told us to bring:

– Wetsuit ( this will be my first time, EVER, in a wetsuit)
– Body Glide (I’ve never used this before, I dunno where I’ll be putting body glide)
– Swim cap
– Goggles
– Water for rinsing off after ( I dunno?)
– Plastic bag for holding wet stuff
– Run gear

Stanford Dish

February 25, 2009

After saturdays honoree picnic, Tony and I headed to downtown Mountain View to pick up my ever so favorite boba from Tea Era (roasted barely milk tea w/ tapioca balls). Tony says I’m prolly not losing any weight b/k I drink too much boba.  It’s prolly true…..or not. But it’s my fave! =)

We then headed back to our place, dropped off the biking gear and rested for a little while.  Since, we were still feeling a bit bummed for getting  lost on our bikes and missing the earlier  run, we decided to head over to Palo Alto and run the Stanford Dish. 3.5 miles doesn’t seem to bad, but hills make it feel like it’s 5 miles. As soon as we completed the run it started to rain….I was hoping to head home, but we instead went to the gym and Tony did some weights.  I on the other hand mostly watched and just tried to stretch and strengthen my shoulder, which had been bothering me during swimming. By the end of the day we were pooped.

Happy (belated) Valentines Weekend!

February 17, 2009

Happy belated valentines everyone! This past Friday we celebrated Tony’s bday with sushi, sake bombs and good friends. Our dear friend, Baker/Chef Jennifer created some delectable red velvet cupcakes with the character of Diego (from Dora the explorer) Oh it was so cute! I was raving to my mother how I thought the cupcakes were so cute entertaining. We didn’t have a coached workout this weekend so we headed to southern california for the long weekend. The following morning, Tony and I headed for a wet drive down to Oxnard, where we spend the weekend visiting family, attending baby showers and celebrating birthdays (my mom’s and tonys) and anniversaries (my bro and sis-in-law, Junbee and Bell’s 4th year wedding anni) . We haven’t been to Oxnard since Christmas, so it was a nice time catching up. I will admit it was such a party filled weekend that I didn’t get a chance to exercise. Instead, we indulged in lots of junk food and ice cream. But Tony did manage to wake up one early morning and go for a six mile run. Good job Tony! Shame on me <=)

Running in the Rain, Two Mile Time Trials

February 12, 2009

Tuesday was a cold night a Foothill track, on the way there traffic was bad and I ended up 20 minutes late missed warm up. When I arrived, we were instructed on doing a 2 mile time trial. I thought to myself, oh no, here the lapping begins. Tony came in first within fifteen minutes.  He lapped me two times! The first time I was like  “there he goes” … the next time he waved and I said to myself   “there he goes again”.  I came in about 10th place…actually more like 10th place from last.  I was about a lap behind the average person on our team. Throughout the season, I’ve learned to accept my shorter stride. Most people on the team are pretty supportive, motivating and always encouraging. I’ve always been on the slower side on long distance run,  but I was pretty please with my 2 miles in 22 minutes. As the rain started to pour,  Coach Chris gave an entertaining nutrition talk, at the end of it,  I realized that I am an “impulsive“ eater. I eat for the moment, not thinking of how it will make me feel later….the only thing on my mind is usually sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Afterwards, we hung out at our post workout  “Hang with the Gang” event. Our teammates, Richard and Elena, had a Dining for Charity event  at Armadillo Willys.  Twenty percent of all our purchases went towards raising money for cancer research.  We met up with Martin and his wife Amy, his finger was super swollen purple and in a splint. Tomorrow, Friday the 13th……dun dun dun….he has  finger surgery, good luck Martin!

Tony’s Battle Scar #2

February 6, 2009
Tony watching "Lost" on the computer as he ices his swollen ankle.

Tony watching "Lost" on the computer as he ices his swollen ankle.

Battle Scar #2: Tony got a sprained ankle. Two battle scars in one week! So Tony was working out this morning and ended up rolling his ankle. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t anything like my sprain back in August, where I ended up in the ER, with an air cast a crutches for a few weeks. But it will set him back a few days. Thankfully, his fellow physical therapists at work were able to take a look at it.

I wasn’t it the mood to be in the cold tonight. But Tony accompanied me to the foothill track, I was so lazy to run today. Just one of those days i just wanted to go home after work. His extra push was just what I needed. I was able to get in a 4 mile run, while he did some core exercises. We also happened to run into the first coached workout for the spring Team In Training Triathlon Team, the Wild flower Team. Their kick off was just this past Saturday, it’s gonna be so exciting for them! I hope they all have a great time!