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Our First Open Water Swim: Take #2

March 4, 2009
Same day, back at lagoon to try again.

Same day, back at lagoon to try again.

After our workout and brunch with the team, Tony and I headed back to Redwood Shores. I was still frustrated, but I was determined to make it back and forth across to the other side of the lagoon on my own.  Tony did well in the open water swim earlier in the day and the extra swim was unecessary for him.  For safety purposes, he was kind enough to swim with me and follow along. We put on our wetsuits and once again the endured the freezing temperatures. I again proceeded to go thru my anxiety of struggling to breathe and adjust to the cold…….I tell you this winter cold water is a shock to the system. Everytime my face hit the water, instead of exhaling, I’d hold my breath and  messing up my rythm. I had to go thru the whole 5 strokes, then 10 stokes bit again…..Finally, I started to warm up, my breathing started to normalized and i started to bilateral breathe.  I began to get into my usual pool rythm. I made it back and forth 4 times.  It wasn’t fast, but I did it. Things are  getting better….I’m sure I’ll  go thru the anxiety time after time…. In time, hopefully I’ll get better and it will lessen.