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Bye Bye Bikies! See you in Hawaii!

March 20, 2009
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Shipping our bikes to Hawaii.

Sunday morning we were going to attend out last Captain’s bike ride to Half Moon Bay. We were really looking forward to this ride because:

1. I’ve heard it was a scenic route and
2.  It was canceled last month, due to rain
3. It was our last ride of the season.

But sadly, it was once again it was canceled.  Darn rain.  Shucks! It was a bummer, but it allowed us to sleep in for the first time a long time. Later, we were scheduled for our “bike drop off” to be shipped to Hawaii. We headed over to at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s office in san jose and saw all of teammates and their bikes.  Before we could place our bikes on the truck, we had to take our pedals and any CO2 cartridges. If there are any CO2 cartridges found there is a $250,000 fine. Crazy! I was surprised at how early that we had to drop off our bikes,  I didn’t know it took two weeks to delivery to Hawaii.  But then later we found out that the shipping truck will be starting from the bay area and work it’s way down to southern california. Along the way picking up bikes from other Team In Training Teams that will also be competing in the Lavaman Triathlon in Kona  Hawaii.  It will eventually end up at the port in LA and be placed on a cargo ship and delivered to Hawaii. Exciting!!! Only 9 more days!