Thank you for your support!

Tony and Donella at the finish line of our firt Olympic distance triathlon with Team IN Training!

Tony and Donella at the finish line of our firt Olympic distance triathlon with Team IN Training!

We would like to thank you so so very much for your support encouragement. It has really meant a lot to us. You have helped us reach our fundraising goal and have donated more than $11,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of our triathlon fundraising. We are so appreciative of everything that you have done. Every donation has helped to find a cure for cancers. The funds you have contributed are helping to save lives!

My arms are still sun tanned with my race numbers.

My arms are still sun tanned with my race numbers.

It’s been a few weeks since our triathlon event and surprisingly, I still have the race numbers suntanned into my shoulders. During these past few weeks we’ve had time to reflect on our journey. What once seemed like an unthinkable task a few months ago, has actually become a reality. We completed an Olympic Distance Lavaman Triathlon. I faced my fear of the open water and swam one mile, I learned to ride twenty- five miles on a road bike with clipless pedals and I recovered from an ankle injury and trekked thru six miles of lavarocks and sand.

As much as this has been an accomplishment physically, this race was more about the journey we experienced to get there. It was about helping others and impacting lives other than our own. We trained with many inspiring cancer survivors who shared their personal stories with us. We met motivated and optimistic teammates, coaches, mentors and forged lifelong friendships. Together we were challenged both physically and mentally by injuries, aches, personal struggles and moments of doubt. But overcoming these obstacles together was a bonding experience not only as team, but between Tony and I. This adventure has been a life changing experience that has given us a little more perspective on life and what we as individuals can do to continue helping others.

After this amazing adventure, we’ve felt it in our hearts to continue trying to help others. This season,I was chosen as part of the supporting mentor staff for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training summer triathlon season. In the next few months, I along with several other people with be mentoring incoming summer participants. We will help prepare the new participants for their Olympic Distance Triathlon in Pacific Grove. Thru September, we will be there during training practices, help with team events, cheer them on and provide overall encouragement and support. Just as everyone has helped me complete my first triathlon, this season, I will help them get to the finish line!


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  1. Seema Says:


    We dont know each other but I usually just google TNT training pages and read blogs/ stories and that is how I came across yours. Wow..I thought running a half marathon was a big deal (for me) but looking at how much the tri team works out, I feel like I am not putting enough effort. I am doing the RNR San Diego 1/2 marathon on May 31st and reading your story I am more excited about my race. Go Team!!

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