Honoree Run

Honoree Run: We ran to Louie Bonpua's gravesite

Honoree Run: We ran to Louie Bonpua's gravesite

This past weekend was out last coached event and was Honoree Run, we were scheduled to meet at Montclaire elementary at 8:30am. I initially thought an Honoree run would have a bunch of us and several of the honorees running around on a track and socializing. When we arrived, we were told that we would be doing a short 1 mile to the Gates of Heaven Cemetery in Los Altos. There we would visiting the grave site of Louie Bonpua. Louie was hardcore Team in Training triathlete/Ironman that was active in the TNT community. You can read more about Louie’s  inspiring story here. Or watch a short video tribute here.

When we arrived at the cemetery, we all sat around on the grass near Louie’s grave. Our coaches wanted to remind us that above all of the training, fund raising and fun activities that we had experienced, this was to remind us why we are doing this. Although there will be hundreds of other people participating in the triathlon, we are all doing this for all those who are been affected by cancer. I always appreciate how they reign back everything to the cause. It was during this time that we had the opportunity to reflect and share why we decided to join Team In Training.  Many people  shared their personal struggles that they or their family members had endured b/k of cancer.  It was a very emotional experience, that rang true for many of us there.   Coach Chris also shared a touching story about his mom. As  part of his healing process , he bike 1600 mile journey from Colorado Springs to San Francisco  in honor of his mother who died on October 24th. Coach Chris is a pretty entertaining speaker, amist his emotion he was able to weave in humor and inspiration. He said something that stuck with me.  In short, he described how he kinda looks at our bodies as “rental cars” some engines are better than others.  But it’s up to us to choose how we utilize our “rental cars” and what we want to do with our lives. And I kinda relate to it for some time I’ve wanted to do something more with my life (outside of work ) and impact others in a positive way.  Wether it be  supporting events for good causes, donating,  volunterring or may be something else that I’m not aware of yet…I’m not sure.   I’ll just see how it goes, but hopefully this is just the beginning to life long journey in trying to do good things and hopefully inspire others along the way.


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