Quick weekday recap

  • Monday: swam a mile at burgess pool in menlo
  • Tuesday: Late 10pm run around the track  with Tony at foothill, I ran 3 miles he ran 4.
  • Wednesday: Last coached team swim at burgess, so sad. I’m gonna miss these swim practices.  We had fun doing relays, the more advanced members of the team were in the middle of the pool while we swam and pretended to be water animals. Pulling and tuggin at us. Or attacking us as we swam. It was fun, hopefully real animals don’t attack us in Hawaii. At the end of the practice we threw all three coaches in the pool. That was fun.
  • Thursday: 3 mile run at Foothill. I saw the TNT Spring Wildflower team practicing as well.  They just started their  last month, so exciting for them.I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s last coached weekend workout before the race and also the honoree run. Good night!

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