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We’re off to the Lavaman Triathlon!

March 27, 2009
A picture from last year's Olympic Disctance Lavaman Triathlon.

A picture from last year's Olympic Disctance Lavaman Triathlon.

It’s 4am and I just finished packing and getting ready to go to bed. In 2 hours we’ll be waking up to get ready and head out to the airport. We’re flying out  with  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training Team to  Kona Hawaii to compete in the Olympic Distance  Lavaman Triathlon! Exciting! Scary! It may take me a few weeks, but once I get all the photos downloaded, I’ll update and  share our experience with all of you! Thank you to everyone who has supported us, with your donations, words of encouragement, well wishes and prayers!  We’ll be thinking of all of your during our race. And we’ll be keeping all of the honorees and loved ones in our hearts! Take care, God Bless and Go Team!


Packing for the Race

March 27, 2009
All swim, biking and run gear all need to fit in my carry on.

All swim, biking and run gear all need to fit in my carry on.

The other night I started packing.  I used to think that packing gear for a flight for snow trip was a lot (snowboard, boots, clothing, helmet etc) , but who knew that there was so much to bring for a triathlon gear? And the fact that  we are recommended to bring all of our swim, bike and run gear as carry on… uh oh…where in the world are my us weekly magazines and SLR  camera gonna go?

So far on our carry on we have the following:

Transition bag, wetsuit, bathing suit, tri shorts, sportsbra, bike shorts, TNT team singlet, goggles, swim caps, flipflops, biking gear, helmet, bikeing gloves, sunglasses, bike tools, spare tube, bike pump, biking shoes, clipless pedals ( they made us remove them from out bikes), socks, run gear, running shoes, hat, gu gels, luna moons, cliff blocks, sunscreen and that doesn’t even include my sweatshirt, SLR or purse.  This shall be tricky.

Last Swim at Burgess

March 27, 2009

Tonight was our last swim until we leave for Hawaii. Tony and I met at burgess pool to swim a nice relaxing 1 mile. Afterwards, he challenged me to a 100m sprint (total of 2 laps back and forth). For the first time I won! Granted he gave me a 25m lead. Even with the head start he usually beats me, so I was surprised…and I think he was too. Next time we swim we’ll be in the waters of  Hawaii!

Last Run at Foothill

March 27, 2009
Foothill College: Last 3 mile run before we leave for Hawaii.

Foothill College: Last 3 mile run before we leave for Hawaii.

On Wednesday night, Tony and I went for our last run at Foothill until race weekend.  He had actually went on a run earlier in the day, so this was his chill run.  If anything, he was nicely keeping me company as I trudged around the track. I was feeling under the weather and feeling a bit achy, but needed to get the legs moving.  At  the start of my 3rd mile my hamstring was oddly starting to hurt….since we’re tapering Tony recommended that I just take it easy and not injure anything before the race.  So  for the rest of the 3rd mile Tony and I walk/ jogged.  During our walk, we  saw a female runner  just wearing a sports bra and shorts, tho it wasn’t as cold as usually,  I was dressed quite opposite of her…thermals, tee, fleece sweater, warm up pants and beanie. I was starting to think that I was coming down the “chills” and hopefully not a fever…..that night, i pounded down a nice large bottle of  water with  vitamins,  airborne and  Tylenol cold and flu pills.

Send Off

March 26, 2009
Send Off: Getting last minute instructions from the coaches.

Send Off: Getting team singlet and last minute race weekend instructions from the coaches.

After the Honoree Run, we had “Send Off”.  Team Manager and our coaches handed out all the information and packets that we will be needing for our race. It went over travel arrangements, roommate assignments ( Tony’s my roomie….he lucked out 😉 )team event dinners, itineraries , bike pick ups, picked up our  purple team singlet and last minute stuff. It was out last team meeting until we fly our on Friday morning. Woohoo!  It’s getting close!

Honoree Run

March 25, 2009
Honoree Run: We ran to Louie Bonpua's gravesite

Honoree Run: We ran to Louie Bonpua's gravesite

This past weekend was out last coached event and was Honoree Run, we were scheduled to meet at Montclaire elementary at 8:30am. I initially thought an Honoree run would have a bunch of us and several of the honorees running around on a track and socializing. When we arrived, we were told that we would be doing a short 1 mile to the Gates of Heaven Cemetery in Los Altos. There we would visiting the grave site of Louie Bonpua. Louie was hardcore Team in Training triathlete/Ironman that was active in the TNT community. You can read more about Louie’s  inspiring story here. Or watch a short video tribute here.

When we arrived at the cemetery, we all sat around on the grass near Louie’s grave. Our coaches wanted to remind us that above all of the training, fund raising and fun activities that we had experienced, this was to remind us why we are doing this. Although there will be hundreds of other people participating in the triathlon, we are all doing this for all those who are been affected by cancer. I always appreciate how they reign back everything to the cause. It was during this time that we had the opportunity to reflect and share why we decided to join Team In Training.  Many people  shared their personal struggles that they or their family members had endured b/k of cancer.  It was a very emotional experience, that rang true for many of us there.   Coach Chris also shared a touching story about his mom. As  part of his healing process , he bike 1600 mile journey from Colorado Springs to San Francisco  in honor of his mother who died on October 24th. Coach Chris is a pretty entertaining speaker, amist his emotion he was able to weave in humor and inspiration. He said something that stuck with me.  In short, he described how he kinda looks at our bodies as “rental cars” some engines are better than others.  But it’s up to us to choose how we utilize our “rental cars” and what we want to do with our lives. And I kinda relate to it for some time I’ve wanted to do something more with my life (outside of work ) and impact others in a positive way.  Wether it be  supporting events for good causes, donating,  volunterring or may be something else that I’m not aware of yet…I’m not sure.   I’ll just see how it goes, but hopefully this is just the beginning to life long journey in trying to do good things and hopefully inspire others along the way.

Fight thru the cold or flu

March 25, 2009

Last night, I went swimming yesterday, my college friend Julie nicely came along.  We met up at Burgess and did a few laps, I hope she had a good workout. Afterwards I headed hom feelig under the weather. Eveyone has been getting sick lately.  At work, at home, the lady at the boba shop. I feel like I’m fighting something. I was going to run tonight at Foothill, but it may be better to rest and not risk it.  Tony has been sick the past week, hacking cough, stuffy head, congestion galore.  Hopefully, he gets better soon and hopefully I don’t catch any cold or flu. Othersie I’ll be full blown sick on race day… that would suck.  Get well dude!

Quick weekday recap

March 21, 2009
  • Monday: swam a mile at burgess pool in menlo
  • Tuesday: Late 10pm run around the track  with Tony at foothill, I ran 3 miles he ran 4.
  • Wednesday: Last coached team swim at burgess, so sad. I’m gonna miss these swim practices.  We had fun doing relays, the more advanced members of the team were in the middle of the pool while we swam and pretended to be water animals. Pulling and tuggin at us. Or attacking us as we swam. It was fun, hopefully real animals don’t attack us in Hawaii. At the end of the practice we threw all three coaches in the pool. That was fun.
  • Thursday: 3 mile run at Foothill. I saw the TNT Spring Wildflower team practicing as well.  They just started their  last month, so exciting for them.I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s last coached weekend workout before the race and also the honoree run. Good night!

Race Day Checklist

March 20, 2009

This is kinda cool. Race Day Checklist It’s allows you create a customized checklist for race day. Of couse you can type it yourself, but that would just take too long.

Bye Bye Bikies! See you in Hawaii!

March 20, 2009
Tagging the bikes.

Shipping our bikes to Hawaii.

Sunday morning we were going to attend out last Captain’s bike ride to Half Moon Bay. We were really looking forward to this ride because:

1. I’ve heard it was a scenic route and
2.  It was canceled last month, due to rain
3. It was our last ride of the season.

But sadly, it was once again it was canceled.  Darn rain.  Shucks! It was a bummer, but it allowed us to sleep in for the first time a long time. Later, we were scheduled for our “bike drop off” to be shipped to Hawaii. We headed over to at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s office in san jose and saw all of teammates and their bikes.  Before we could place our bikes on the truck, we had to take our pedals and any CO2 cartridges. If there are any CO2 cartridges found there is a $250,000 fine. Crazy! I was surprised at how early that we had to drop off our bikes,  I didn’t know it took two weeks to delivery to Hawaii.  But then later we found out that the shipping truck will be starting from the bay area and work it’s way down to southern california. Along the way picking up bikes from other Team In Training Teams that will also be competing in the Lavaman Triathlon in Kona  Hawaii.  It will eventually end up at the port in LA and be placed on a cargo ship and delivered to Hawaii. Exciting!!! Only 9 more days!