Why must all of the training attire be skin tight?

Donella's first time putting on a wetsuit.

Donella's first time putting on a wetsuit.

Bathing suits, cycling shorts, triathlon shorts……all form fitting and tight.  My body was made for baggy sweats and sweashirts. These tri training clothes are uncharted terriroty for us. We just received our team in training wetsuits, and those suckers are sooo tight! Not “tight” as in awesome looking, but in “tight” as in suffocating skin tight. I have never tired on a wetsuit and thought was it to feel like some nice warm comfortable bathing suit. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.  I attempted to try it on the other night, and Tony was quite entertained watching me wiggle,  flopping around unsuccessfully pull that super tight wetsuit on.  Has anyone ever seen that TV  Friends with the  episode where ross was trying to wear leather pants. That’s how it felt. Very unflattering I tell you.  Even after I got it on, I was telling Tony I think it was too small for me. But apparently wetsuits are supposed to be that skin tight.  Tomorrow we get to test them out for the first time in our open water team swim. It will be my very first time swimming in the open water without my ever so coveted life vest. Wish us luck! I know, it’s weird,  but here I am running around the other night like super hero.



2 Responses to “Why must all of the training attire be skin tight?”

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  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hahahah nice pic!!!!! Too funny!

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