Running Pyramids

Donella running her pyramids.

Donella running her pyramids.

Tuesday we had our coached evening run at Foothill college. We started out with a mile warm – up, the coaches then gave us a few tips on chi running. It was pretty entertaining, we had to run like we were holding tray underneath our hands. Afterwards we did some log pyramid drills

First we worked our way up….

400m slow  = 1 lap
400m fast  = 1 lap
800m slow  = 2 laps
800m   fast  = 2 laps
1600m slow  = 4 laps
1600m fast  = 4 laps

Then now back down….

1600m fast  = 4 laps
1600m slow = 4 laps
800m fast = 2 laps
800m  slow  = 2 laps
400m fast = 1 lap
400m slow = 1 lap

I’m not a fan of running, but overall was a good solid workout. Afterward, the coaches also shared some information regarding our upcoming open water swim. I’m nervous and excited to swim in the open, cold, murkey, dark water! Seriously, I can’t wait! I’ve gotten over my fear of swimming in pool at any depth…,  if I can get over that open water! This is will be my first time!

Reminder for myself,  I’ll list the things they told us to bring:

– Wetsuit ( this will be my first time, EVER, in a wetsuit)
– Body Glide (I’ve never used this before, I dunno where I’ll be putting body glide)
– Swim cap
– Goggles
– Water for rinsing off after ( I dunno?)
– Plastic bag for holding wet stuff
– Run gear


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