Riding Before Work

Tony loading up the bikes, prior to heading back home.

Tony loading up the bikes, prior to heading back home.

Happy Friday Everyone! With the open water swim coming up I felt the need to continue attempting to increase my stamina. So last night after work, Tony and I met up at Burgess Pool to do some laps. The lanes were full so I shared a lane with an Asian girl named Liz. See seemed to be about the same age as me. Earlier in the week, I shared a lane with her as well. I was feeling chatty, so  we got to talking and she asked if I was training for anything ( i think the paper listing my workout  in the zip lock bag gave me away). Anyhoo, I learned that she was a runner and got injured. She’s just swimming in order to continue to exercise, but not agitate her injury. She was nice to share the lane with.  Some people are not as welcoming sharing lanes , especially since I’m slower. But she was cool. After swimming, we said our good byes and she said “hopefully, we see each other again”.  Hahaha how nice, now I can bug her to share a lane. j/k Now, I won’t feel like I’m ruining strangers workouts.

According to the weather today would be one of the few non raining days this week. Tony had a day off today, so I asked him if he’d like to take a quick ride this morning. We woke up a little after sunrise, filled the water bottles, packed the gear and loaded the bikes. And off we were to san carlos. Nothing starts off  a good weekend better than a nice brisk morning ride with snot running down your face. When we arrived it was still pretty dark and gloomy, by the time we left the sun was shining and it was getting warm. We rode about 20+ miles.  During the ride I was passing by Tony. As I opened my lips  to say “Tooooooooooooooooooony” a bug flew in my mouth. It was DISgusting! In a frenzy, I started spitting like no other. * Spit * Spit!*  Then, I’d grab my water bottle, swish some fluids  around and spit some more. At the end of the ride, we rushed back to sunnyvale, so i could shower up and head off to work. Today will be a mucho biking day for Tony, after I headed off to work, he was off to take a spin class at the gym. You go with your cadence!


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