Welcome to the Club

Saturday morning was our coached bike and run at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City. We arrived, set up our transition area from bike to run and met up for instructions. We’ve been to this location on several occasions before, but today, we were going on a new 25 mile bike route. Somehow along the way some of us got lost. At one point I wasn’t even sure if I was following a stranger or a team mate. In any case, at a gas station intersection, I noticed that Tony had waited for me. I was actually surprise he waited for me b/k usually he just takes off and I see him at the end of practice.  It’s good for him to maximize his workout, so I usually don’t mind that he leaves me.  Anyways, there are so many other teammates that I can follow. It would be different story if it was just the two of riding in the middle of nowhere and he took off leaving me to get lost alone.  Anyhoo back to my story…as I rode up to the gas station,  I  saw him, I thought to myself   “awww, that was so nice of him” kind of odd, but still very nice.  I later found out the only reason he waited for me was b/k he went attempted to use the restroom at the gas station! Ha! It was actually good that he waited b/k we actually ended up getting lost together. During this time , I had ” inaugural fall” on my clip less pedals.  Everyone talks about falling on clip less pedals.  Everyone said that it WOULD  happen…and alas it did. They say it’s kinda of like right of passage.  Although, it’s something I’d rather avoid, it wasn’t too bad.

So how it happened……we were lost going thru this mountain, as I was trying to read a sign on the road. I slowed down balancing on bike. It wasn’t until I stopped that I realized I was still clipped in to my pedals. In a panic, I quickly tried wiggling my leg out but it was too late. It was as if it was in slow motion, as soon as I realized I was about to fall I braced my body…. and *doink* I went. The views of the trees were suddenly sideways. There I lying on the ground still clipped in.  Just image trying to balance a notebook on it’s edge and watch it slap itself to one side. That was me, my body slapping against the road. Thankfully, it wasn’t at a busy intersection or high traffic area.The area was quite desolate with a few people walking their dogs. I had no major injuries, just the body parts that hit the asphalt. A few bumps & bruises on my knees, butt and a sore shoulder. As soon as Tony heard me hit the ground, he rode back to me, asked if I was ok . once he knew I was fine, he started laughing and said, “welcome to the club”. Ha, so kind.  He would later eat his words as he too ended up falling on his clip less pedals no more that a half hour later.

As our journey of being lost in Woodside, thru Alpine, Sandhill, Portola, Old la Honda etc… I dunno, I’m just spitting out the street names we passed thru. We just kept going in circles around and around. Finally, we ran into one of our other teammates, who also happened to be lost as well. She was more familiar with the area and eventually led us back to the main road. Together, we made it back to Edgewood and Canada, and along the way picked up a few more lost team members. By the time we reached Redwood City, most of the team had already finished their run. We also found out that one of our teammates, Charmaine, sprained her ankle. Utilizing his physical therapy knowledge, Tony checked her ankle out and wrapped it. While being lost, we missed out on a good run. But least we made it back safely…a little bruised, but in one piece.


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