Stanford Dish

After saturdays honoree picnic, Tony and I headed to downtown Mountain View to pick up my ever so favorite boba from Tea Era (roasted barely milk tea w/ tapioca balls). Tony says I’m prolly not losing any weight b/k I drink too much boba.  It’s prolly true…..or not. But it’s my fave! =)

We then headed back to our place, dropped off the biking gear and rested for a little while.  Since, we were still feeling a bit bummed for getting  lost on our bikes and missing the earlier  run, we decided to head over to Palo Alto and run the Stanford Dish. 3.5 miles doesn’t seem to bad, but hills make it feel like it’s 5 miles. As soon as we completed the run it started to rain….I was hoping to head home, but we instead went to the gym and Tony did some weights.  I on the other hand mostly watched and just tried to stretch and strengthen my shoulder, which had been bothering me during swimming. By the end of the day we were pooped.


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