Still Making Up For Last Week

Tony spinning on the trainer.

Tony spinning on the trainer.

Still making up for last week, I attempted to swim on Thursday evening. But getting out of work, and getting stuck in traffic didn’t make it easy to get to Burgess Pool in Menlo. By the time I arrived the pool was about to close. I was on my way back to the office, to finish up some late night work, but since I was already in Palo Alto, I thought that it might pass by Tony’s work to see if he was still at work. Yay! He was still there. He showed me this cool Expresso Machine that they have at work. It’s this bike road bike exercise game. They use it in order to help rehab patients. It’s pretty cool, the game makes exercising more entertaining and engaging for all of those competitiive athletes. Afterward, we parted ways and I headed back to the office. Later, when returned home, I saw Tony all geared up and spinning away…. good job tony!

After work on Friday, but before going out to dinner with Tony’s brother, Romeo. We took a quick swim at Burgess. I think I need to take into consideration more traffic time, because again, I arrived at the pool late and only got in a quick 30 lap swim. Hopefully next time, I’ll at least get a mile in. But on a good note, my shoulder wasn’t hurting. Last time I swam, my shoulder felt like it was doing a weird popping thing. So far so good.


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