Making up for Last Week

During the last few days work has been pretty busy. So we didn’t have as much time to train, on Wednesday, we returned back from the long holiday for lovely coached swim at Burgess Pool in Menlo Park. And I’ll admit, I wasn’t in the mood to swim. I was feeling under the weather and just wanted to plop on the couch with a egg nuggets and boba (milk tea tapioca). The practice was relatively easy (nothing nerve racking like snake swimming) just regular drills. But boy were my lungs gasping. Who knew that taking a week off of swimming would mess with my endurance? This was going to have to make up for last week’s laziness. During our weekly announcements, coach Meggen shared a letter that Jensen’s mom had written to our team. If you recall, Jensen is one of our team honorees and is the little girl undergoing chemo treatment for cancer. Last January, her past few rounds of chemo had not been good. In the letter, her mom was sharing the struggles that Jensen, her brother and sister and the rest of the family have been coping with. In the letter you can hear the emotion and the hardship in her voice. It was very touching. It always a reality check when you hear the personal journey of one of our honorees. Sometimes in the thick of work, training and just living life, I must remember why we are doing this. Evelyn’s (Jensen’s mom) letter shares the personal ups and downs of battling cancer. It was a good reminder that each individual can make an impact in so many lives. This will surly help motivate us thru this week’s rainy training.


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