Happy (belated) Valentines Weekend!

Happy belated valentines everyone! This past Friday we celebrated Tony’s bday with sushi, sake bombs and good friends. Our dear friend, Baker/Chef Jennifer created some delectable red velvet cupcakes with the character of Diego (from Dora the explorer) Oh it was so cute! I was raving to my mother how I thought the cupcakes were so cute entertaining. We didn’t have a coached workout this weekend so we headed to southern california for the long weekend. The following morning, Tony and I headed for a wet drive down to Oxnard, where we spend the weekend visiting family, attending baby showers and celebrating birthdays (my mom’s and tonys) and anniversaries (my bro and sis-in-law, Junbee and Bell’s 4th year wedding anni) . We haven’t been to Oxnard since Christmas, so it was a nice time catching up. I will admit it was such a party filled weekend that I didn’t get a chance to exercise. Instead, we indulged in lots of junk food and ice cream. But Tony did manage to wake up one early morning and go for a six mile run. Good job Tony! Shame on me <=)


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