Running in the Rain, Two Mile Time Trials

Tuesday was a cold night a Foothill track, on the way there traffic was bad and I ended up 20 minutes late missed warm up. When I arrived, we were instructed on doing a 2 mile time trial. I thought to myself, oh no, here the lapping begins. Tony came in first within fifteen minutes.  He lapped me two times! The first time I was like  “there he goes” … the next time he waved and I said to myself   “there he goes again”.  I came in about 10th place…actually more like 10th place from last.  I was about a lap behind the average person on our team. Throughout the season, I’ve learned to accept my shorter stride. Most people on the team are pretty supportive, motivating and always encouraging. I’ve always been on the slower side on long distance run,  but I was pretty please with my 2 miles in 22 minutes. As the rain started to pour,  Coach Chris gave an entertaining nutrition talk, at the end of it,  I realized that I am an “impulsive“ eater. I eat for the moment, not thinking of how it will make me feel later….the only thing on my mind is usually sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Afterwards, we hung out at our post workout  “Hang with the Gang” event. Our teammates, Richard and Elena, had a Dining for Charity event  at Armadillo Willys.  Twenty percent of all our purchases went towards raising money for cancer research.  We met up with Martin and his wife Amy, his finger was super swollen purple and in a splint. Tomorrow, Friday the 13th……dun dun dun….he has  finger surgery, good luck Martin!


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