Sunday Mentor Martin’s Bike Ride

On Sunday, tony was feeling better and joined us for a small group ride at Steven’s Canyon and Mountain Eden. Since all of the training captains were out of town. Mentor Martin volunteered to take a few of us on a Sunday ride.  Martin is not my assigned mentor, but he really is a mentor to many of us. He’s really a jolly, friendly guy, who has done TNT events in the past. He and his wife did Lavaman last year and have shared their experiences with many of us. The four of us, Martin, Kristine, Tony and myself, warmed up with the Steven’s Canyon Trail. This is probably one of my least favorite roads to bike on b/k there are so many trees along the creek, that the sun rarely comes thru and the roads are often slippery. It’s a good workout, may be b/k of my inexperience, I think it’s often dangerous.  One one side is a drop into a creek and the other is cars on the road. It’s fairly secluded, but lots of quick short blind spots. You just never know when a car is gonna come blazing around the corner. We ended up doing Stevens Creek Canyon and Mount Eden Hill repeats about 5 times.

As we were ascending Martin road with me and gave me tips on how to maximize the usage of my clipless pedal, pull instead of push.  I was doing it wrong for the past 2 weeks. It’s always fun, learning something new! After we reached the end, we were zooming down the downhill.  I was started to feel confident was trying to catch up with Martin and Tony….they were blazing down….then suddenly reality struck. In a split second, I saw martin’s bike slipped from under him on a wooden bridge. His body went one way and his bike slide another.  So scary, I’ve never seen a bike accident before. We all stopped, helped him up, got his bike and gear together. Tony checked out his finger and recommended that he see a doctor. Tony mentioned afterward that he thought that Martin may have broken his finger. For the rest of the morning  I was kinda freaked out,  so I basically just rode  my brakes on all the downhills.

Update: Just found out today, that Martin bruised his ribs and that he DID break his finger. He’s having surgery this friday to reconnect the bones.  We’re sending him good thoughts! Get well Martin!


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One Response to “Sunday Mentor Martin’s Bike Ride”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Oh so sad! I hope Martin is ok. That’s so scary

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