Rollin’ in the Rain (Almaden Lake)

Returning to the meeting spot after our 20 mile bike ride.

Almaden Lake: Returning to the meeting spot after our 20 mile bike ride. Yay, the rain stopped.

Lately I’ve been looking at the weather. In the past, I’d wish and hope that the days would be filled with constant chilly rain. That meant that it was snowing in tahoe! Those that know me, know that I am a fan of snowboarding. It’s my “happy place”. It’s a time to relax at the top of the mountain and take a refreshing look at the breath taking views, then it’s the adrenaline rush of bombing down the mountain, bumping around in the terrain and attempting mini hops or jumps in the terrain park (most of the time I eat it), and having fun snowball fights with friends. This season, while raising funds and training with TNT, we haven’t been able to indulge in the joys of the snow. But we have been able to quench a little bit of our thirst for adventure in road biking. Although, we’ve had to sacrifice some snow fun, we’ve been able to raise important funds towards cancer research! It really is amazing how so many of you have helped us through this process. Thank you!

Ok I just ran off on a tangent….back to what I was saying…..Anyhoo, I now look at the weather hoping that it wouldn’t rain. That the roads stay dry, safe and not slippery. In the same, yet in different way, I get the rush and enjoyment from road biking. I kinda suck at it, and often I’m the slowest climbing the mountain, but I enjoy the adrenaline rush of zooming or crusing down the road. Sometimes, it’s scary b/k cars drive crazy and you just never know what lurks behind the blind spots.

This past Saturday we had a coached workout at Almaden Lake, Tony stayed at home resting his sprained ankle. But he did manage to go to the gym and lift weights. He also worked on exercises strengthening and rehabbing his ankle. Since it was still raining, Kristine and I were expecting us to just run, instead we rode a nice twenty mile ride thru the back areas and hills of San Jose. I was told it was the same route that they race for the San Jose International tri. During the riding I was surprisingly doing well. Instead of being first of the “slow group”…..I started out first with the  “not as slow ” group (middle group), but mid ride my chain fell off and since I didn’t know what to do, I waited until one of the coaches, captains or mentors came by. After, they helped me I continued on my way. Several people ended up passing me, but by the end of the ride, I ended up in the middle of the “no so slow” pack. I was wet, muddy, dirty and happy!

Short 20 minute run after the bike ride. Getting used to the wobbly legs.

Brick: Short 20 minute run after the bike ride. Getting used to the wobbly legs.


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  1. Jenn Says:

    hahah i like the first pic

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