“Lane of Death” & Mount Eden Hill Repeats

This past Saturday,we had a coached swim/bike workout at Burgess Pool, when we woke up it was so foggy. Thankfully, it cleared up as we arrived in Menlo Park. During our swim we had a wave simulation. Everyone was lined up with a kick board or noodle was we were supposed to make wild waves. Then, each person had to go thru the “lane of death”. It simulated how waves might be and how we had to handle bilateral breathing and adjusting based on the waves. Overall it wasn’t to bad, I swallowed a few mouthfuls of water and got smacked in the head with a kick board. But it was kinda fun. We then swam for about and hour doing various drills. Afterward, we did a nice fairly flat 25 mile bike right. Tony received his 1st battle scar: He fell of his clip less pedals and the chain cut his calf. I’m not exactly sure where we were, but I did remember passing by the Stanford Dish… i think we went from Burgess Pool to Junipero Serra to Foothill Expressway and back.

On Sunday, we woke up bright and early and headed toward Steven’s Canyon for a Captain’s Bike Ride with training captains (hubby and wife team) Jacob and Brittany and our other training captain Carol. Captain’s Rides are usually much smaller, about ten of us showed up. Although we a tire changing clinic earlier in the season….none of us remembered it. So we had another one. This tire changing practice came in handy later in the afternoon. We road Steven’s Canyon and , although the mileage it not very long…may be around 15 miles? But it’s incline! It’s like your going 2 mph heavily breathing an gasping for that precious air. Afterwards, they had us do Mount Eden Hill repeats…..over….and..over…. I think Tony lapped me a few times. As he sped by comparing me to the “little engine that could”….I think I can…I think I can. Anyhoo, so many mishaps happened that day…what a bunch of beginners we are:

1st: I forgot to take off my coffee covers on my clip less pedals. That was just carelessness.

2nd: One of the girls ate it on a bridge. The roads were slippery, we were going over a bridge she slipped and her bike just turned. He handle bars were so mangled that they were stuck in her frame. After we helped her up, fellow teamates, Kristine, Mark and I forced her handle bars back into place.

3rd: One of the other girls didn’t know why she was riding so slow, when Jacob(training captain) checked her tire) it popped off like nothing. She apparently forgot to tight the skewers on her back tire and relock the brakes. Thanksfully, nothing happened. That could have been a bad accident.

4th: One of the other girls, chains popped off and we didn’t know what to do so a nice couple stopped by and helped us out. (B/k I certainly didn’t know what to do but give moral support).

5th: As soon as we arrived back from our bike ride, Tony blew a tire, then his spare pump tip was missing so he couldn’t pump the spare tube, the his pedal fell off. Thankfully the captain were there to give us a helping hand. It was good we had that tire clinic in the morning it turned out to be so useful.

Dispite all of the mishaps, i look forward to these weekend coached and training captain rides! I can’t wait until this weekend! Hopefully, it won’t rain.


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