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Why must all of the training attire be skin tight?

February 28, 2009

Donella's first time putting on a wetsuit.

Donella's first time putting on a wetsuit.

Bathing suits, cycling shorts, triathlon shorts……all form fitting and tight.  My body was made for baggy sweats and sweashirts. These tri training clothes are uncharted terriroty for us. We just received our team in training wetsuits, and those suckers are sooo tight! Not “tight” as in awesome looking, but in “tight” as in suffocating skin tight. I have never tired on a wetsuit and thought was it to feel like some nice warm comfortable bathing suit. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.  I attempted to try it on the other night, and Tony was quite entertained watching me wiggle,  flopping around unsuccessfully pull that super tight wetsuit on.  Has anyone ever seen that TV  Friends with the  episode where ross was trying to wear leather pants. That’s how it felt. Very unflattering I tell you.  Even after I got it on, I was telling Tony I think it was too small for me. But apparently wetsuits are supposed to be that skin tight.  Tomorrow we get to test them out for the first time in our open water team swim. It will be my very first time swimming in the open water without my ever so coveted life vest. Wish us luck! I know, it’s weird,  but here I am running around the other night like super hero.


Riding Before Work

February 27, 2009
Tony loading up the bikes, prior to heading back home.

Tony loading up the bikes, prior to heading back home.

Happy Friday Everyone! With the open water swim coming up I felt the need to continue attempting to increase my stamina. So last night after work, Tony and I met up at Burgess Pool to do some laps. The lanes were full so I shared a lane with an Asian girl named Liz. See seemed to be about the same age as me. Earlier in the week, I shared a lane with her as well. I was feeling chatty, so  we got to talking and she asked if I was training for anything ( i think the paper listing my workout  in the zip lock bag gave me away). Anyhoo, I learned that she was a runner and got injured. She’s just swimming in order to continue to exercise, but not agitate her injury. She was nice to share the lane with.  Some people are not as welcoming sharing lanes , especially since I’m slower. But she was cool. After swimming, we said our good byes and she said “hopefully, we see each other again”.  Hahaha how nice, now I can bug her to share a lane. j/k Now, I won’t feel like I’m ruining strangers workouts.

According to the weather today would be one of the few non raining days this week. Tony had a day off today, so I asked him if he’d like to take a quick ride this morning. We woke up a little after sunrise, filled the water bottles, packed the gear and loaded the bikes. And off we were to san carlos. Nothing starts off  a good weekend better than a nice brisk morning ride with snot running down your face. When we arrived it was still pretty dark and gloomy, by the time we left the sun was shining and it was getting warm. We rode about 20+ miles.  During the ride I was passing by Tony. As I opened my lips  to say “Tooooooooooooooooooony” a bug flew in my mouth. It was DISgusting! In a frenzy, I started spitting like no other. * Spit * Spit!*  Then, I’d grab my water bottle, swish some fluids  around and spit some more. At the end of the ride, we rushed back to sunnyvale, so i could shower up and head off to work. Today will be a mucho biking day for Tony, after I headed off to work, he was off to take a spin class at the gym. You go with your cadence!

Running Pyramids

February 27, 2009
Donella running her pyramids.

Donella running her pyramids.

Tuesday we had our coached evening run at Foothill college. We started out with a mile warm – up, the coaches then gave us a few tips on chi running. It was pretty entertaining, we had to run like we were holding tray underneath our hands. Afterwards we did some log pyramid drills

First we worked our way up….

400m slow  = 1 lap
400m fast  = 1 lap
800m slow  = 2 laps
800m   fast  = 2 laps
1600m slow  = 4 laps
1600m fast  = 4 laps

Then now back down….

1600m fast  = 4 laps
1600m slow = 4 laps
800m fast = 2 laps
800m  slow  = 2 laps
400m fast = 1 lap
400m slow = 1 lap

I’m not a fan of running, but overall was a good solid workout. Afterward, the coaches also shared some information regarding our upcoming open water swim. I’m nervous and excited to swim in the open, cold, murkey, dark water! Seriously, I can’t wait! I’ve gotten over my fear of swimming in pool at any depth…,  if I can get over that open water! This is will be my first time!

Reminder for myself,  I’ll list the things they told us to bring:

– Wetsuit ( this will be my first time, EVER, in a wetsuit)
– Body Glide (I’ve never used this before, I dunno where I’ll be putting body glide)
– Swim cap
– Goggles
– Water for rinsing off after ( I dunno?)
– Plastic bag for holding wet stuff
– Run gear

Stanford Dish

February 25, 2009

After saturdays honoree picnic, Tony and I headed to downtown Mountain View to pick up my ever so favorite boba from Tea Era (roasted barely milk tea w/ tapioca balls). Tony says I’m prolly not losing any weight b/k I drink too much boba.  It’s prolly true…..or not. But it’s my fave! =)

We then headed back to our place, dropped off the biking gear and rested for a little while.  Since, we were still feeling a bit bummed for getting  lost on our bikes and missing the earlier  run, we decided to head over to Palo Alto and run the Stanford Dish. 3.5 miles doesn’t seem to bad, but hills make it feel like it’s 5 miles. As soon as we completed the run it started to rain….I was hoping to head home, but we instead went to the gym and Tony did some weights.  I on the other hand mostly watched and just tried to stretch and strengthen my shoulder, which had been bothering me during swimming. By the end of the day we were pooped.

Honoree Picnic

February 25, 2009

After Saturday’s coached practice we had an honoree picnic in Mountain View at Mary Ann’s house. We had the opportunity to hang out with some of our honorees, including the little girl, Jensen, that just got out of the hospital.  She couldn’t stay long as she had just come from physical therapy, but we were all glad to meet her.

Welcome to the Club

February 25, 2009

Saturday morning was our coached bike and run at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City. We arrived, set up our transition area from bike to run and met up for instructions. We’ve been to this location on several occasions before, but today, we were going on a new 25 mile bike route. Somehow along the way some of us got lost. At one point I wasn’t even sure if I was following a stranger or a team mate. In any case, at a gas station intersection, I noticed that Tony had waited for me. I was actually surprise he waited for me b/k usually he just takes off and I see him at the end of practice.  It’s good for him to maximize his workout, so I usually don’t mind that he leaves me.  Anyways, there are so many other teammates that I can follow. It would be different story if it was just the two of riding in the middle of nowhere and he took off leaving me to get lost alone.  Anyhoo back to my story…as I rode up to the gas station,  I  saw him, I thought to myself   “awww, that was so nice of him” kind of odd, but still very nice.  I later found out the only reason he waited for me was b/k he went attempted to use the restroom at the gas station! Ha! It was actually good that he waited b/k we actually ended up getting lost together. During this time , I had ” inaugural fall” on my clip less pedals.  Everyone talks about falling on clip less pedals.  Everyone said that it WOULD  happen…and alas it did. They say it’s kinda of like right of passage.  Although, it’s something I’d rather avoid, it wasn’t too bad.

So how it happened……we were lost going thru this mountain, as I was trying to read a sign on the road. I slowed down balancing on bike. It wasn’t until I stopped that I realized I was still clipped in to my pedals. In a panic, I quickly tried wiggling my leg out but it was too late. It was as if it was in slow motion, as soon as I realized I was about to fall I braced my body…. and *doink* I went. The views of the trees were suddenly sideways. There I lying on the ground still clipped in.  Just image trying to balance a notebook on it’s edge and watch it slap itself to one side. That was me, my body slapping against the road. Thankfully, it wasn’t at a busy intersection or high traffic area.The area was quite desolate with a few people walking their dogs. I had no major injuries, just the body parts that hit the asphalt. A few bumps & bruises on my knees, butt and a sore shoulder. As soon as Tony heard me hit the ground, he rode back to me, asked if I was ok . once he knew I was fine, he started laughing and said, “welcome to the club”. Ha, so kind.  He would later eat his words as he too ended up falling on his clip less pedals no more that a half hour later.

As our journey of being lost in Woodside, thru Alpine, Sandhill, Portola, Old la Honda etc… I dunno, I’m just spitting out the street names we passed thru. We just kept going in circles around and around. Finally, we ran into one of our other teammates, who also happened to be lost as well. She was more familiar with the area and eventually led us back to the main road. Together, we made it back to Edgewood and Canada, and along the way picked up a few more lost team members. By the time we reached Redwood City, most of the team had already finished their run. We also found out that one of our teammates, Charmaine, sprained her ankle. Utilizing his physical therapy knowledge, Tony checked her ankle out and wrapped it. While being lost, we missed out on a good run. But least we made it back safely…a little bruised, but in one piece.

Still Making Up For Last Week

February 24, 2009
Tony spinning on the trainer.

Tony spinning on the trainer.

Still making up for last week, I attempted to swim on Thursday evening. But getting out of work, and getting stuck in traffic didn’t make it easy to get to Burgess Pool in Menlo. By the time I arrived the pool was about to close. I was on my way back to the office, to finish up some late night work, but since I was already in Palo Alto, I thought that it might pass by Tony’s work to see if he was still at work. Yay! He was still there. He showed me this cool Expresso Machine that they have at work. It’s this bike road bike exercise game. They use it in order to help rehab patients. It’s pretty cool, the game makes exercising more entertaining and engaging for all of those competitiive athletes. Afterward, we parted ways and I headed back to the office. Later, when returned home, I saw Tony all geared up and spinning away…. good job tony!

After work on Friday, but before going out to dinner with Tony’s brother, Romeo. We took a quick swim at Burgess. I think I need to take into consideration more traffic time, because again, I arrived at the pool late and only got in a quick 30 lap swim. Hopefully next time, I’ll at least get a mile in. But on a good note, my shoulder wasn’t hurting. Last time I swam, my shoulder felt like it was doing a weird popping thing. So far so good.

Making up for Last Week

February 24, 2009

During the last few days work has been pretty busy. So we didn’t have as much time to train, on Wednesday, we returned back from the long holiday for lovely coached swim at Burgess Pool in Menlo Park. And I’ll admit, I wasn’t in the mood to swim. I was feeling under the weather and just wanted to plop on the couch with a egg nuggets and boba (milk tea tapioca). The practice was relatively easy (nothing nerve racking like snake swimming) just regular drills. But boy were my lungs gasping. Who knew that taking a week off of swimming would mess with my endurance? This was going to have to make up for last week’s laziness. During our weekly announcements, coach Meggen shared a letter that Jensen’s mom had written to our team. If you recall, Jensen is one of our team honorees and is the little girl undergoing chemo treatment for cancer. Last January, her past few rounds of chemo had not been good. In the letter, her mom was sharing the struggles that Jensen, her brother and sister and the rest of the family have been coping with. In the letter you can hear the emotion and the hardship in her voice. It was very touching. It always a reality check when you hear the personal journey of one of our honorees. Sometimes in the thick of work, training and just living life, I must remember why we are doing this. Evelyn’s (Jensen’s mom) letter shares the personal ups and downs of battling cancer. It was a good reminder that each individual can make an impact in so many lives. This will surly help motivate us thru this week’s rainy training.

Happy (belated) Valentines Weekend!

February 17, 2009

Happy belated valentines everyone! This past Friday we celebrated Tony’s bday with sushi, sake bombs and good friends. Our dear friend, Baker/Chef Jennifer created some delectable red velvet cupcakes with the character of Diego (from Dora the explorer) Oh it was so cute! I was raving to my mother how I thought the cupcakes were so cute entertaining. We didn’t have a coached workout this weekend so we headed to southern california for the long weekend. The following morning, Tony and I headed for a wet drive down to Oxnard, where we spend the weekend visiting family, attending baby showers and celebrating birthdays (my mom’s and tonys) and anniversaries (my bro and sis-in-law, Junbee and Bell’s 4th year wedding anni) . We haven’t been to Oxnard since Christmas, so it was a nice time catching up. I will admit it was such a party filled weekend that I didn’t get a chance to exercise. Instead, we indulged in lots of junk food and ice cream. But Tony did manage to wake up one early morning and go for a six mile run. Good job Tony! Shame on me <=)

Happy Birthday Tony!

February 13, 2009
Happy Birthday Tony!

Happy Birthday Tony!

This morning we were hoping to do an early morning ride. But due the rain we had to skip it.  Before I left to start the day, I saw Tony on the trainer getting some early morning exercise and spinning away.  Happy Birthday Tony! Wishing you  a wonderful day!