Running in the Rain

Running in the rain

Running in the rain.

This past Saturday TNT scheduled an early morning bike/run at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City.  I have never trained in the rain before, when it rains I usually just snuggle up in my big sweats and curl up by the TV. Anyhoo, for fear of getting sick, i bundled up in underarmour thermals, northface dri fit pull over and my northface snowboarding shell. Tony thought I was a dork for wearing a snowboarding shell for practice. But as soon as he saw the rain pouring down, I saw him sneakily reach for his shell as well.

Running under the arch

Running under the arch

Thankfully, by the time we reached Redwood City, the temperature wasn’t as cold as I had anticipated.  It was raining, but the wind wasn’t a biting chill that was freezing my lungs. Due to rain and consideration for our biking safety, coach nixed biking and instead made us joyfully run in the pouring rain. There I was in my big boarding jacket with my head covered. It was a short workout, not as strenuous as I hoped, but overall a good morning exercise. Towards the end people were running under an arch we made with our arms.   That was fun! We also discovered that one of our female team mates, had just found out she was cleared for cancer (none of us knew she had cancer). It was a good day to celebrate. After the run, a bunch of us went to breakfast at Bucks in Woodside. Blueberry pancakes was a delicious way to gain back the calories that we had just burned.


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