Collapsing Bubble

Donella trying clipless pedals for the first time on a bike trainer.

Donella trying clipless pedals for the first time on a bike trainer.

Yesterday after our run at Edgewood and Canada, we passed by Go Ride Bikes and I had my clips and shoes set up.  Since both Tony and I now had clip less pedals, we were eager to take them out for a test ride. But  due to the rain, the Captain’s workout for hill repeat training in Los Gatos was cancelled. As soon as there was a break in the rain, we loaded up the bikes and headed down the 280, but as we continued to drive the rain started to pour, so we just headed back home, dropped off the bikes and headed to Burgess to get in a mile swim. It was kinda of chilly so we opted to swim in the bubble. Tony had completed his 32 laps and was doing drills waiting for me.  I was on lap 30 in my goal of 32, then suddenly I heard the construction of the bubble flapping wildly, and the life guard was yelling that there was an emergency and that everyone had to get out of the pool. The bubble was collapsing! So we hurried out of the pool  bubble it to the freezing cold. Alas, i didn’t get to finish my 1st attempt at a nonstop mile. Oh well there always next time, better safe than sorry.

When we returned home, we were still craving to try out our new pedals.  So we just decided to cruise around on a nearby bike path for about three miles. I still need to practice my unclipping as it was horrifying trying to unclip at a busy  traffic  stoplight.  And all I could hear was the traffic around me and Tony saying “Unclip! Unclip! Hurry!”. Hahah scary! Hopefully, I’ll get more clipless pedal practice in this weekend.


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One Response to “Collapsing Bubble”

  1. Amy Heinz Says:

    Yikes, glad to hear you made it out of the collapsing bubble safely! How crazy! Your hard work and dedication continues to inspire me. Thanks for honoring my dad on your site and in your work! xoxo, Amy

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