Snake Swimming

Last Wednesday we had practice in the bubble at Burgess Pool in Menlo Park. It was the first time I had swam in the bubble in the evening. Compared to the daytime, it was so stuffy and hot. The steam from the heated pool was so thick that you couldn’t see past 1/4 ahead of you. In any case, I didn’t mind  because  swimming has become one of my favorite exercises. First 1/2 of practice,  we packed in 5 people per a lane and circle swam 25 (50 meter) laps. Afterward we did the “snake swim”. I thought it was going to be fun playful drill…like the hokey poky or something similar.  You know kind of like a fun cool down. Instead, forty of us were packed on in one side of the lane. Then, our coach said that this will be a simulation of how the tri swim will start. Then he had us start and race in the water all at once. We were to race & swim 25 meters across the lap, cross under the lane line to the next lane, swim across another 25 meter, cross under the lane line and so forth. We did this until we zig zagged thru all the lanes reach the opposite corner of the pool. And we did this multiple times. Imagine forty people fighting for space in narrow lane lines. Our coached warned the veterans “no swimming over people”. What? Swimming over me? Yikes. I heard that tri swim starts were often scary with people pulling, punching and kicking one another for space. But never did I experience it until now. There I was swimming for dear life getting kicked in the face, people grabbing my ankles, kicking my forehead and wrists…so many bubbles that I couldn’t see. Every time I tried to fight back I was wasting my energy and my form was getting all messed up. I was so panicked; I was swallowing water and gasping for breath. As this was going on I was thinking to myself, “what the in world did I sign myself up for??!!!” After a few minutes of this horrific experience, I calmed down and got back on rhythm and continued on until completion. As unnerving as it was, it was such an awesome drill! So useful! Oh and the adrenaline rush felt great! I look forward to doing more of these drills in the upcoming practices.

Team Manager, Katie Hronek, sharing announcements after swimming practice.

Team Manager, Katie Hronek, sharing announcements after swimming practice.


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