Lost in Los Gatos

Two Saturdays ago was our only Saturday off for Team In Training. That meant, we did not have an official coached workout with the entire team. But since Tony and I missed out on the previous coached weekend workout, we felt that we were in dire need to get back on track. The weekend prior, we attended Tony’s work party in Napa. Instead swimming laps and running miles, we enjoyed fine dining, fun hiking and fancy wine tasting and relaxing amenities at the Solage Resort in Napa. Thank you Agile Physical Therapy.

Tony loading the bikes

Tony loading the bikes

So in order to make up for the previous weekend’s binging, we attended the TNT captain’s workout in Los Gatos at 8:30am. We spent the first part of our morning doing interval running around the track. I suppose that if you’re in a group, it’s good to run around a track. No one gets lost and it’s easy to keep tabs on everyone. But the view gets kinda boring, and what’s more sad is how you can monitor how fast or slow some people really are……..in my case, it blows when you get lapped…multiple times…….by the same person….hahah. Ok, just kidding, actually I’m not. But in any case, I’ve become more accepting of my short stride. As long as my legs can take me places, I feel blessed and happy with these wonderfully stubby limbs.

After the track work out, we went on a lovely grueling 20 mile ride around Los Gatos. 20 miles didn’t seem so bad, until we hit the never ending incline. For the first time, Tony got to try clip less pedals. He almost fell, but overall the clips were a success. We all started out together, but after a few miles the awesomely fast people disappeared, and a smaller group of us girls slowly climbed up the hill.

Yes, iI can confirm, that I am wearing biker shorts.

Yes, iI can confirm, that I am wearing biker shorts.

At some point, I got stuck behind a stoplight and lost the other 3 girls I was riding with. I had no idea where I was, so stopped my bike in the middle of the woods, took out my map stood there trying to figure out the map less directions provided by the captain. As I looked down the road, there was no longer any one to follow in front of me and no one to follow behind me. So I started following road to wherever it would lead me, and somehow ended up in a busy downtown intersection. I looked like I ended up at a mall /plaza. There I was in a mall walking my bike up and down the outdoor plaza asking for directions from strangers as their tiny lil dogs were licking my legs. I did this for 20 minutes. I was lost, way off course, alone, way behind the other team members and most of all frustrated. I was supposed to in training for a bike ride, but there I was walking my bike in old town. Finally after the frustrating ½ hour, our captain and a few other lost team members saw me on the side walk asking for directions. As soon as we reunited, my mood completely changed, I hurriedly jumped on my bike and joined the rest of the lost peeps and happily continued onto our destination. When me and the rest of the late comers arrived back, Tony was there waiting for me. I guess he could read my face b/k as soon as he saw me he gave me an encouraging rub on the back. It sucked being lost, but overall I had a fun ride on my new wheels. I can’t wait for the next ride.


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