First Frosty Bike Ride of the Year

Happy New Year! Tony and I are back in the bay area and ready to return to training. After a six hour drive back from Oxnard. we arrived early Saturday morning just in time to catch our first coached bike/run workout of the year. We woke up at 630am, ate breakfast, filled the water bottles, pumped the tires, gathered the gear, loaded the bikes on to the rack, and headed out to Edgewood and Canada. Coach Mike said that we’d ease into getting back in to training with a Brick house workout…we started out with an 8 mile bike ride at Edgewood and Canada. Then, ran, then got back our bikes and rode another 15 miles and ran again. Saturday morning was chilly. As were on our bike ride the fog became so thick that you couldn’t see in front of you. Since I’m very new to biking, I still freak out riding next to cars. It was especially unnerving having cars suddenly pop out in front of you thru the thick fog. As I was riding, I noticed that there was frost all over my bike and clothes. It was so cold that the dew was turning into frost. I was quite intrigued by it. But my interest in the forst shortlived as I obviously needed to pay attention to road in front of me. As for our results for that morning….Tony once again, finished competitively with the more athletic group. Thanks to his dedicated training during our holiday trip to Oxnard, he ended the morning with a encouraging fist bump from our coach. I on the hand, am proud to announce that I came in top finishers in the uber slow group…the turtles…the ones that our coaches like to call…”the ones with the most opportunity”. ..haha…I’m certainly not first, but I’m happy to say, that I am no longer last! Yay!


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One Response to “First Frosty Bike Ride of the Year”

  1. Manny Says:

    good job donella!!! You guys are making me motivated to work out more.

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