My butt hurts

Buurrr it’s starting to get cold. I haven’t been feeling well this past week. Sometime after Thanksgiving I got some stomach virus and it’s made exercising a bit difficult. Every time I eat some delicious food forces its way right out of me. So you can imagine my discomfort while bouncing up and down on a track or bumping around in a bike. Was that too much info for you? Muahahah….. On Tuesday we attended a Captain’s workout at Foothill. Captain’s workout’s are led by mentors are not mandatory scheduled workouts, it’s more like an extra day of guided exercise. They are shorter and smaller with about 15 people. Rather than our regular coached workouts with about 50 + people. I figured it would be a good way to burn off those extra turkey, cookie and ice cream calories. We did a bunch of sprints up and down the football field. Not like I’ve ever rabbit fast at track or anything, but I sure felt like a turtle since my track days in high school. Either way it was great to get the body jiggling after a day of sitting in a cube. This week we’ve also upped our swimming regimens, Tony’s up to 1600 years and I’m up to 800 yards.

This past Saturday was our coached bike/ride training at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City. We woke up at 6:30am, got ready, loaded the bikes and headed over for a chilly morning. The mentors and coaches warned us that it would be cold and to wear gloves. And boy, were they right! Although, I had cut off biking gloves, my finger tips were lovely deathly purple. Tony led the pack and arrived back first and was the first person on the run. I on the other hand arrived with the snail pack of riders….BUT I would like to announce that I did NOT come in last this time…thank you! Immediately after our bike ride they gave us no time to rest and we ran/walk on a narrow uneven dirt trail for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t a long run, but it was their way of introducing us into running on wobbly bike legs. Most of these locations we go for training I’ve never been to. It’s very refreshing to gain exposure in seeing different locations and places.

On Sunday, we were so tired from my work party (the night) before, that we didn’t have enough energy to wake up at 630am and attend the Captain’s Bike Ride at Stevens Canyon. Instead we slept in until about 10am and did a 16 mile bike ride at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City. After all the fun biking…my butt hurts.


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