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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 29, 2008

Tony and I have been in our hometown of Oxnard since Christmas Eve, it sure is hard trying to get a work out in between family festivities. We’ve only managed to run 2x this past week. And the food! So good and so fattening! yikes! Hopefully we can find a pool tomorrow. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Chritmas and will have a safe and fun New Years! See you in 2009!



December 20, 2008

Last weekend was the “Ride-N-Tie” event for our winter tri team. Ride-N-Tie? I had no idea what that was either. All I knew is that a few weeks ago our coaches lined us up according to height and partnered us up with a team mate of the same height. Me and my partner, Kristine, were the shortest! I was 2nd the shortest and I think she was the shortest. She was short, but waaaaaay faster than me. Then, we were instructed to come in team costumes or uniforms. Our theme was 80’s gym attire with striped tube socks, headbands, wristbands etc….Tony and teammate, Perry, dressed up as a LL cool J rapperesque with the money sign bling. So with this fun attire I thought were just going to play kiddie games (toss balls, water balloon catch types etc) So here was out tasks:

Teams all start at the same meeting spot.
Teammates: 1 person rides a mountain bike, 1 person runs, and you alternate at different points through a dirt 2.2 mile course. You do this around a mountain (approx 2.2 miles). Once you go around the circle, you run with your partner hand in hand (yes, the boys had to do this too!) . One you get to the top of the mountain, you play these team games , once you complete the games, you run back down the mountain with your partner hand in hand. And do the same 2.2 mile course again, run up the mountain, and play the game……repeat this four times.

Afterwards, the winners won bragging rights. Then we had one of our team honorees Doug share his story of the struggles and challenges that he has faced since being diagnosed with Indolent BCell Lymphocytic Lymphoma, stage 4, with 20% bone marrow contamination. Aside from all the fun that we are having, hearing their stories and meeting with the honorrees continuously reminds us the main reason why we are fundraising and training. To help find a cure.

My butt hurts

December 15, 2008

Buurrr it’s starting to get cold. I haven’t been feeling well this past week. Sometime after Thanksgiving I got some stomach virus and it’s made exercising a bit difficult. Every time I eat some delicious food forces its way right out of me. So you can imagine my discomfort while bouncing up and down on a track or bumping around in a bike. Was that too much info for you? Muahahah….. On Tuesday we attended a Captain’s workout at Foothill. Captain’s workout’s are led by mentors are not mandatory scheduled workouts, it’s more like an extra day of guided exercise. They are shorter and smaller with about 15 people. Rather than our regular coached workouts with about 50 + people. I figured it would be a good way to burn off those extra turkey, cookie and ice cream calories. We did a bunch of sprints up and down the football field. Not like I’ve ever rabbit fast at track or anything, but I sure felt like a turtle since my track days in high school. Either way it was great to get the body jiggling after a day of sitting in a cube. This week we’ve also upped our swimming regimens, Tony’s up to 1600 years and I’m up to 800 yards.

This past Saturday was our coached bike/ride training at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City. We woke up at 6:30am, got ready, loaded the bikes and headed over for a chilly morning. The mentors and coaches warned us that it would be cold and to wear gloves. And boy, were they right! Although, I had cut off biking gloves, my finger tips were lovely deathly purple. Tony led the pack and arrived back first and was the first person on the run. I on the other hand arrived with the snail pack of riders….BUT I would like to announce that I did NOT come in last this time…thank you! Immediately after our bike ride they gave us no time to rest and we ran/walk on a narrow uneven dirt trail for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t a long run, but it was their way of introducing us into running on wobbly bike legs. Most of these locations we go for training I’ve never been to. It’s very refreshing to gain exposure in seeing different locations and places.

On Sunday, we were so tired from my work party (the night) before, that we didn’t have enough energy to wake up at 630am and attend the Captain’s Bike Ride at Stevens Canyon. Instead we slept in until about 10am and did a 16 mile bike ride at Edgewood and Canada in Redwood City. After all the fun biking…my butt hurts.

Training during Turkey week

December 8, 2008

Last week was Thanksgiving week. Since it was a short week, we had to get in as much exercise in between visiting family, friends and traveling. On Monday after work, Tony and I met up at Burgess Pool (Menlo Park) for an evening swim. I really do appreciate the heated pool. With each week that passes by, the distances get longer …and more fun. Tuesday was our last Team In Training track workout before we headed back to Oxnard for Thanksgiving Holidays. It was a nice little work out before we feasted on all of the delicious Thanksgiving food. After our run, we had our fellow teamate and honoree, Marieke, share her story of how she diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in April of 2006 after a biopsy was done on a lump that she had in her neck for some time. Listening to the stories of Merike and other survirors and training side by side with them really humanizes this experieice and makes it so much more meaningful.

Fellow teamate, Marieke, and honoree share her story of how she diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in April of 2006.

Our fellow teamate and honoree, Marieke, shares her story of how she diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in April of 2006

Afterwards, we headed home and started packing for our thanksgiving trip down to Oxnard. During thanksgiving we had the chance to spend time with family both in La Verne and Oxnard and share with them our participation in the Leukimia and Lymphoma’s Team In Training Program. It’s always great to spead some quality time with loved ones that we haven’t seen in awhile. On Friday, in between chowing down on left over turkey, Tony and I strapped on our ever fashionable latex swim caps snuck in a swim short workout. We found a place to do laps at Ventura Aquatic pool. It was a pretty nice facility, but unlike Burgess heated pool, it was freezing…but totally worth it. By the time we left the pool, there was this pretty sunset (and i just had to take a picture of it).

Donella Tony doing swim laps at the Ventura Aquatic Center. You like our fashionable swim caps?

Donella Tony doing swim laps at the Ventura Aquatic Center. You like our fashionable swim caps?

There was a pretty sunset by the time we left the lap pool.

There was a pretty pinkish purple sunset by the time we left the lap pool.