Starting at level 1

This past weekend was a tiring week. On friday, Tony usually hang out with friends or have nice relaxing “date night’ just eating out, walking around or watching a movie. But this past Friday,  afterwork Tony and I met up at Burgess Pool in Menlo Park in for a wild night of lap swimming. It doesn’t sound that exciting, btut it was actaully really fun. Afterwards, we headed over to Sportsbasment to buy some bike helmets and  prepared our gear and rested up for our first weekend workout with Team in Training.

Saturday: I was meant to sleep in on saturdays. Usually I like to sleep at least until 11am..sometimes 1pm. I love sleeping in.  But this Saturday,  we woke up at 7am and headed over to Spotsbasment in Santa Clara for our Team in Training Run and Bike/Gear Clinic. First we did and nice easy 2 mile run, around the Fry’s Electronics area.

Tony's morning run

Tony during the relaxing 2 mile run.

Next, they taught us how to replace a bike inner tube in the event our bikes get a flat. Not like a nice lil demonstration where I expected to watch someone fix a flat, but a sit your bottom down on the aspahlt, grab the dirty tire and strip it with your bare hands. Seriously, they made us learn to take a tire off the bike, strip the tire, and replace it. I had no idea what I was doing.  But we did it. Thankfully, everyone was really nice and helpful. It was a slighty dirty, but very good learning experience.

Tony learning to replace a tire

Tony learning to replace a innertube.

Donella getting much needed help in stripping a tire.

Donella getting much needed help in stripping a tire.

Aftwerwards, we had TNT Gear and Bike Clinic &  the coaches divided us into 3 bike groups, advanced, middle and training wheels. Guess which group Tony and I ended up? Training Wheels. This was my first race, so any safety tips for riding, was very much welcomed.

TNT Gear and Bike Clinic

TNT Gear and Bike Clinic

Sunday, Our first team bike ride: We woke up bright and early and met up with about 10 other bikers in Los Altos. Todays ride was an 11 mile bike ride thru Steven’s Canyon. When Tony and I arrived at our meeting location, I was slightly intimidated by all of the fancy gear that our teamates had.  Cycling road bikes, cycling jerseys, clipless pedals.  They looked like they we apart of tour de france. I felt a bit shy in my regular gym clothes and non-road bike. I didn’t have a bike so my friend graciously let me borrow her wheels (thank you jenn!) When the captain asked if everyone knew how to work  the gears on their bike, i was the sole arm raising my hand. After a few minutes into riding, ithe intimidation disappeared. Everyone was really encouraging and friendly, and even gave me few tips on biking and gears.  I’m not cyclist and certainly didn’t expect to be ahead of the pack, but the last thing i anticipated was being last. Not only last , but almost so far back that everyone in front of me disappeared.  There I was huffing and puffing all the way up the mountain…in 4th gear.  When, our captain came back for me, he informed me that it’s better to be at lower gears during longer climbs and inclines and at higher gears while going down hill. And suggested that it would be better to be in 1st gear..level 1. This was amazing news to me. My entire life I was using the gears backwards….I was really glad to learn this and was open all of the coaches advice and reccomendations. This first bike experience was an eye opener….in all aspects of training for this triathlon… I am humbly starting at level 1.


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